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Estimate Move Calculator

Tips for Moving Home

Plastic crates are a great cost effective option for packing and relocating your household items. They are strong, easy to carry, easy to manoeuvre around the house on our four wheel skate trolley.

The list below will give you some helpful tips to make your move go smooth and easily.

Do Not Overload
When packing the crates do not overload. Pack items so they are protected and the lids can close securely so when the next crate is stacked on top it will not damage items in the packed crate below.

Crate Contents Inventory
Creating an inventory list of the contents which have been packed into the crate and the use of sticky labels from Enviro Packaging Solutions will make things a lot easier at your new destination.

Make sure sticky labels are on the ends of the crate or on the sides. That way, when they are stacked, you can see all labels and identify from your completed inventory.

Essential Items
It is always handy to keep one crate aside usually on the kitchen bench. This way you can pack the kettle, coffee, tea bags, cups, phone chargers etc. and ask the removal crew to load this crate last therefore coming off first at your destination.

Moving Locally
When moving locally keep an esky handy so when the time is close for the removalist to load your fridge/freezer you can empty the contents straight into your esky. Note to ask the removalist if they can load your fridge/freezer last so this item can come off the truck first at the destination.

You can secure Enviro Packaging Solutions crates with our security seals. This will then keep the crate lids closed when being relocated and also provides personal security.

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